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Frequently Asked Question

• Signature Realty Associates is a 100% company with a transaction cap

• ABSOLUTELY!! In fact, at SIGNATURE REALTY ASSOCIATES we prefer that you get paid at closing. When all documentation has been received by the staff, the Title Company is instructed to pay the Agent at the closing table. Go to Closing, pick up your check, and go to the BANK!!!

• Contracts, forms, buyer packs, seller packs and much more are available on our Communication HUB, which can be accessed via the Signature Realty Associates website. Many Agents are familiar with Transaction Desk and Forms Simplicity and from these platforms transaction forms can be forwarded directly into our Paperless Network via Fax or E-mail.

• At Signature Realty Associates our motto is …  ”OUR AGENTS ARE OUR CUSTOMERS!” The most important thing we do is help our Agents with issues and questions they have on a daily basis.  We are ready to serve you 24/7.

• YES!!!  In fact, it’s not uncommon for Agents to use Professional Office Suites when working from home is not practical. It simply requires applying for a Branch Office license to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation at a cost of under $100.00 per year. At Signature Realty Associates we would be Happy to assist you in setting that up.

• Our Vendors can ship your orders in a matter of days. While their prices are very competitive, we encourage you to get prices from your favorite vendors if you prefer to use them. If they can provide a quality product at a competitive price, please let us know.

• If you refer an Agent to the Company it will be greatly APPRECIATED. HOWEVER, there are no recruiting, profit sharing, or passive income gimmicks at Signature Realty Associates. NO ONE gets a CUT OF YOUR INCOME.

• Never! Over the years we have found that the majority of Agents do not have time to attend meetings. In this day and age the need for meetings is circumvented by the digital information available to us. At SIGNATURE REALTY ASSOCIATES our Agents are kept up to date on policies, procedures, law changes, new forms, and any important information regarding real estate through the use of E-mail and the Company-wide Communication HUB.

• NO!!! You may use any Loan Officer, Title Company or other Professional Services you wish to use. At Signature Realty Associates you are TRULY an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR with the FREEDOM to CHOOSE what’s BEST for your business and your clients.

• At Signature Realty Associates there is no Floor Time.  The only calls you take will be your own.  No other Agent will be taking calls from your customers and prospects. For this reason, it is important that all of your advertising and lead generators contain only your own contact information.

• YES  and  YES  • As a licensed REALTOR® you can build a team as large or small as you would like and make whatever commission split agreements with the team members that you want. Just REMEMBER … All Commissions MUST be Paid Through the Broker.

• At SIGNATURE REALTY ASSOCIATES we leave the training to the Professional Trainers. As a result, our training and educational resources are second to none and are available to our agents via the internet and available on demand. 


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